CYCLING from Austria to Italy

Cycle without borders along the Alpe‐Adria‐Trail; from the eternal ice of the glacier at the foot of the majestic kitzsteinhorn through beautiful region of carianthia and all the way to the azure blue Adriatic in Italy.

CYCLING from the Glacier to the Sea

Denmark to Sweden

Let The Adventure Begin...

Through the Land of Viking....

If only Shakespeare's Hamlet could have looked out from the battlements of Elsinore to plan a bicycle adventure, all those slings and arrows of outrageous fortune that plagued the troubled prince would have been blown away by a few hours' pedalling across his uncle's Danish kingdom.

Nothing soothes the soul or clears the mind more quickly than the reassuring feel of a gentle breeze on the back and the sound of tyres caressing a bicycle path as it meanders through beech and spruce forests, or quaint coastal villages resplendent in thatched cottages painted in calming ochre tones.

Denmark and Sweden have one of Europe's most tranquil landscapes, an enchancing coastal sweep that blends history, culture and nature.

Denmark has a comprehensive network of mostly level cycle paths. The motorist is a second‐class citizen here: bicycles are king. Waves and friendly smiles punctuate journeys. Nothing is hurried. Fellow cyclists stop and want to chat.

The region of Southwestern Sweden, referred to as Skåne, has much to offer not only cyclists but also from an historical perspective. Riding along the coast heading East, we will encounter many medieval towns and fortresses. Our tour takes us through the towns of Helsingbor, Arild, Båstad, Halmstad, Falkenberg and to Varberg. Sweden is known for its beautiful countryside, forests, pastures, and historical Viking monuments. Many writers and artists frequent the area, seeking inspiration in its beautiful blue sky, yellow and red fields, black windmills, and white beaches.

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