“Oh what to say! What an experience I have had in Austria! The trip to Austria was the best trip I have ever had in my life! This trip is all about Adventure, Fun, Excitement and many other more things. There are no words to describe this trip. This trip was fun as well as it taught me to interact with all the people in the camp as well as the local people out there. The Skiing instructors were very friendly. This trip was so thrilling and adventurous to me. This was my 2nd trip to Austria! This all wasn’t possible without Kiran Uncle. Thank You Kiran Uncle for such a wonderful and a very safe and secure trip!”

Rohan Kanakia

“It was a great experience. It taught me to live and interact with my friends. It also gave me an experience of self-sufficiency so I am prepared for when I have to go abroad for my higher education. The skiing was very good and other activities like sky diving and paragliding were great fun. In fact, I wish we had more days to ski!”

Aman Shah

“Dear Kiran bhai, Both Deepa & myself would like to thank you for the excellent Skiing adventure trip of Abhinav in Austria. It was not only a dream fulfilled for Abhinav to Ski on the “real” slopes of such altitude but the fact that he started the trip with relatively unknown colleagues & returned with the same people as life long friends. Abhinav mentioned that it was truly a trip of a lifetime. Its very heartening to see a child return as a matured & confident individual after such adventures. Both of us wish you all the very best & look forward to sending Abhinav again with you for such adventures. Warm Regards”

Deepa & Rajiv Agarwal (Abhinav’s parents)

“Oh! What to say about such an amazing experience. It was always my dream to lead an independent life in a magical place where the beauty shows its natural glory. I was impressed by the lavish and comfortable accommodation which I did not expect in such a rural place. Oh especially skiing was just amazing! The best part is when you ski down the slope with great speed you feel as though a bird gliding through the air. The instructors were enjoyable, loving and caring. One should truly see them ski! I was fascinated by other activities such as roller coaster, snow walking, mountain biking, paragliding, etc (especially sky diving - a life time opportunity). Let’s come to the main point -there is no problem of food no matter veg or jain. I really enjoyed this camp.”

Kenish Shah

“Let us congratulate Kiranbhai & team for organizing one of the best experience my son & nephew had in this adventure trip… I think the best part was excellent planning and execution of sizable novel activities & events which kept kids deeply involved in the program. In fact, we had an opportunity to visit them during the time of the camp and were quite impressed with the location & accommodation. We would highly recommend this camp for children interested in adventure sports with an international experience. The biggest plus point is the passion of the organizers to go beyond expectations...”

Vipul & Arohi Shah | Rakesh & Nimisha Shah

“It has been a wonderful experience for my daughter. She had a ball of time. She enjoyed a lot. There were no complains about food or the stay. The stay was luxurious. She just didn’t want to leave the place. Taking with her the beautiful vivid memories, we found ourselves in the place. All she would wait for is, the next trip.”

Bindi Sanghavi (Raashi’s mother)

“The trip to Austria was the one that fulfilled my dreams and made me feel in heaven. It was the journey of mine that gave me a glorious start to begin my this part of life. It was just thrilling skiing over the Kitzsteinhorn glacier, Paragliding, swimming at the Tauern spa, Roller coaster, Boating, water surfing, playing games and many museums. It was just this camp that I would personally, from beneath my heart would like to go again and again. It helped me more in the physical development and my nature. The Hotel stay, transportation and all other facilities are best ever received comparing to other camp where I had participated. To be honest, this was the most favorable and fascinating camp I thoroughly enjoyed. Thank You Kiran uncle for this wonderful and a memorable camp.”

Shivam Thakkar

“I have never ever had so much fun in my life as in my trip to Austria. Mr. Kiran ensured that no stones were unturned in safety and all other aspects of the trip. Our ski trainers were great. My roommates were also very good. I made many new friends. I was the youngest among everyone. We also did many activities like ropedown, snowshoeing, segways, torch light walk, octopus biking. We also went to the science museum, vintage car museum where we saw 150 vintage cars, each worth millions of Euros. We stayed at Hotel Auhof, where the chefs prepared delicious Indian food. On the last day we ate traditional Austrian food. On the 7th day we did paragliding and skydiving. It was a lifetime’s experience. It was an excellent trip and I hope to go next year also.”

Dhruv Thakkar

“The whole experience was unforgetful and mesmerizing for me and I’m sure for all my friends too. I loved it. Feel great, confident and very glad to be a part of it. Made many friends and definitely very happy to achieve silver in skiing. I learned for the first time. I will remember this experience all my life.”

Priyank Avlani

“Trip to Austria made me a sporty person & now I am eager for more adventures. The trip was full of challenges. I believe everyone should visit Austria once in their life time with Alpine Adventures. The instructors were friendly.”

Adrit Agrawal

“The Ski trip to Austria was a turning point in my life. It was a great pleasure staying for 14 days exploring Austria. The morning Ski Sessions, activities after the sessions were amazingly planned and cycling on the roads of Austria was a mind blasting experience. I had the time of my life. I would like to thank Kiran uncle and Arti aunty for making my trip a memorable enjoyful and learning one.”

Saloni Desai

“I was very scared to send him to this trip because he cannot take care of himself & his belonging but he learned to take care of things. He even became interactive to people. He is confident about himself now. I am very thankful to Kiran to bring this change in him.”

Neha Agrawal (Adrit’s mother)

“I will describe this trip merely not as an adventure camp but a life-changing experience. I am basically not an outdoor person. This camp made me one. From skiing, rope-down, basketball, football, dirt-cycling and obviously the seven-star Tauern Spa. Sky-diving is something that was a perfect finale to this high-resolution, power-packed adventure trip. Falling from 11,000 ft from the sky shedding all your inhibitions and fears gives you immense amount of guts and yes a breath-taking experience. We all lived like one big happy family thanks to the undying love and affection of Sonal aunty and Kiran uncle. This was the best thing to happen to me and personally I feel that every parent should send their teenage-child for such a trip. I went at the age of 18 and came back a different human being. Now kids younger than me have an excellent opportunity to go have fun and come back as more mature and strong individuals. Such experiences I feel are a pre-requisite for the development of a child. After all Zindagi naa milegi dobara!!!”

Adit Trivedi
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