Why With Alpine ?

The 2 week holiday is designed to take children not only close to nature, but also close to themselves. All under the watchful eyes of our tour directors and trained counselors.

Enjoying independence responsibly, is the real idea of growing up. Children can be young adults without losing the child within. That’s the real lesson we want your

children to have. Not to mention the fact that an entire group of kids shouting joyously, screaming ecstatically and staying together tightly will make friends for life.

Raashi Sanghvi

“I’m extremely delighted that I was a part of Alpine Adventures. Austria wouldn’t be the same, had it not been for the camp. I enjoyed every sport and loved each experience I had there. I’m so awaiting the next trip. Memories just don’t fade. I had an amazing time. I’ve never felt so homely, despite being so far from home. I’d love to relive those days!”

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